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Have you always wanted to play Piano or finally have time to come back to lessons ? 


It is never too late to learn and enjoy this beautiful instrument.  Piano is an incredibly versatile instrument and it is fun, relaxing, sociable and stress-releasing to play your favorite music. My goal is help every adult piano learner reach their goals and build up foundations like relaxed posture, how to utilized different parts of the muscle to produce various tone color, phrasing and feel more FREE in front of the piano. Theory, score analysis , applying chords to the existing melody or even composing technique could be added to the lesson according to what you desire to learn. 

Lesson Format is flexible : 

Individual Lesson: One on One instruction with technique, material, repertoire designed for each individual student according to their needs and interests. 

Partner Lesson: Two students have lesson at the same time. The benefits of Partner Lesson is that you build up collaborative experience together and at the same time getting exposed to some fun duet songs.




I have played piano all of my life, but felt I needed extra help learning more advanced pieces of music. I have been taking private lessons from June for about a year. She helps me see themusic through the eyes of a real professional; examining inner melodies and harmonies, seeing patterns, adding emotion to the piece through the use of dynamics and touch. She suggests finger exercises that really prepare you to play each specific piece of music.  

 ----Mary Olberding

I took piano lessons in my youth and have decided to take lessons again as an adult. I have been taking private lessons from June for the last few months. June is teaching me many fundamentals such as analyzing musical structure, maintaining rhythm, shaping the melody, identifying patterns, developing my internal ear, and so much more. It is very rewarding to see my progress. Every week I look forward to continuing my piano journey.             -------Paula

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