Introduction to Score Analysis

How score analysis would help you learn a piece

Hi, Everyone

I am going to lunch an online course with series of vedios and articles about how score analysis would help you approach a new piece, avoid unnecessary mistakes along the way to learn and practice more efficiently and precisely.

With the busy schedule every family has and all the activities each child involves everyday, I always try to find the best way to advise my students practicing efficiently, managing time wisely so you get to enjoy beautiful music and life instead of repeating mistakes without aware of all the bad habits being imprinted into your muscle memory.

This course is mostly targeted toward intermediate to advanced piano learners with some basic theory background. However, if you are parents interested in seeing what your children will encounter in piano education later, this will be an excellent resource as well.

Through many years of observation, I noticed when pieces get longer and more complex, students tend to feel like they are swimming in the ocean without any direction. Indeed it could be frustrating stepping up to intermediate or even advanced level without knowing HOW to start a new piece and set goals for each practice session ! This result in boring repetition cycle without improvement along the way which leads to losing interests and eventually quit piano. What a pity after all these years of study !

This is the main reason I create this course and believe all the benefits it could bring. Like stated in my teaching philosophy, my goal is to help my students become independent learners and reach their full potential. I truly believe with better understanding of classical music and the ability of to handle a new piece, you could enjoy playing piano throughout your life.

It's such a rewarding experience when my students told me their playing is complimented by other people. However, wouldn't it be even nicer that one day they could give the answer as : I learned this on my own using all the tools my teacher have given to me over the years. It’s like instead of just giving them fish, I have taught them how to fish ! So, that's the purpose of this course ! Hope you will enjoy it.

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