"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."                                                                                                                                                                  --- Albert Einstein

At June Chang Piano, we celebrate each child's progress from your first five finger pattern, first piece, first recital to later the ability to play literature masterpieces and compose your own music !


Ethan Beauclaire

Accepted as a music major at University of Minnesota and continue to enjoy playing piano and trombone !

Jonathan Temte

Started his new life in St. Thomas University as a music major.

Tim Chang

MMTA Junior Young Artist 1st place winner, 2019

Myra Han

MMTA Senior Young Artist 2nd place winner. 2020

MMTF 9th Grade Audition 1st place.2019

Honorable Mention at St Paul Mozart Concerto Competition. 2016

1st place winner and cash award at SPPTA Honors and Awards competition 2014

Winner for Hornor's Recital at Young Artist World Piano Festival. 2012

2nd place winner at Piano Fun Competition age 8-10 group.2010

Jada Lee

Accepted into Harvard Uniersity. 2017 

Honorable Mention at St Paul Mozart Concerto Competition. 2015

Winner of MMTA senior A level at age of 12

Finalist at piano fun competition. 2010

Athena Roscoe 

SPPTA concerto competition finalist. 2019

MMTA senior young artist finalist. 2018

3rd prize winner at Piano Fun competition. 2016

Evelyn Ge

Honorable mention at Piano Fun competition.2019

Honorable mention at Steinway Junior Competition. 2019

MMTA contest and JYA , SYA ensemble winners 2019

Helen Liu, Neeroja Chowdhury, Rahnon Chowdhury, Myra Han, Minerva Roscoe

Ivy Yu

Piano exam level X high distinction 2019

Ruisi He

Little Mozart Competition first place 2019







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