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Teaching Philosophy

We believe the power of music enables expression, relieves stress and heals one's soul. Taking piano lessons has tremendous effects in both brain and physical developments. It is evident that many researches has shown playing an instrument increase mathematical abilities, reading skills; enhance the memory capacity and coordination. Not to mention you also learn discipline, time management and problem solving skills on how to plan and execute your practice.  

As dedicated teachers,  we believes everyone has the ability to learn piano. It's our responsibility to nourish each student, recognize what they have and help them become what they are capable of achieving.

We care every student as unique individual, engaging everyone with a personalized approach and various styles of music. Our ultimate goal in teaching is to help student gain necessary knowledge and skills to become active participants in their own learning. This is why we constantly asking students questions and encourages critical and creative thinking.  Music theory and history will also be introduced in teaching to help students understand a piece from various perspectives. 






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