June Chang Piano in Edina offer quality piano lessons and class to students of all ages




We believe the power of music enables expression, relieves stress and heals one's soul. Taking piano lessons not only “soothes the savage beast” but has tremendous effects in both brain and physical developments. It is evident that many researches has shown playing an instrument increase mathematical abilities, reading skills; enhance the memory capacity and coordination. 


With so many benefits and much more in terms of how music shapes an individual's character development, I think music education is essential in everyone's life

June's updates

March 2020

Music Teachers National Conference

March 2017

Invited to judge the Thursday Musical Regional Piano Competition Senior High Level 

May, 2016

Performed Taiwanese composers' music at St Paul Landmark Center

April, 2016

Performed at Urban Expediation : Taiwan as chamber pianist at St Paul landmark Center  


March 2016

Served as one of the adjudicators for Schubert Club College Level piano competition preliminary

March 31, 2013

Performed Debussy's Image at Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall, NY. 

Recent Student News

Myra Han 2020

MMTA Minnesota state Senior Young Artist second place

Tim Chang 2019

First place at MMTA Minnesota state Junior Young Artist

Second place at Piano Fun competition advanced group

Athena Roscoe 2019

Finalist at SPPTA concerto competition

Rahnon Chowdhury 2019

MMTA Junior Young Artist winner

Honorable mention at PianoFun competition advanced group 

Evelyn Ge 2019

Honorable mention at PianoFun beginners group

Honorable mention at Steinway Junior competition

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